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Reducing ICT/data centre carbon footprint & power costs using infrastructure solutions & Nordic locations

Green Mountain Update

TDCS helped establish the brand that became Green Mountain Data Centers shortly after it’s formation 12 years ago. Recently sold for £850m.  Knut Moulag the then CEO thanked Jonathan Evans for his help in the ‘early years’ in a recent LinkedIn post

Jonathan speaking at Data Center Forum on ‘Power and connectivity in the Nordics’ Stockholm Dec 23

Jonathan Evans

Director | Total Data Centre Solutions | United Kingdom
Top 50 Marketeers

Evans has been acting CMO through his consultancy TDCS for three companies. He founded TDCS in 2003 when working for Citadel 100 (formaly known as Global Voice) – a new colocation facility in Dublin. He started his career designing computer rooms in the early 80’s. After graduating with an Engineering Degree from Birmingham University, he went on to gather experience in all other respects of data centres. He has sales and marketing expertise in establishing colocation data centres (in particular ‘green’ facilities).

Sales & Marketing

With our in-depth knowledge of every aspect of the international data centre market, we offer a range of bespoke PR and marketing services tailored to each client’s needs. We have long-standing relationships with trade press and television.

TDCS Offers

  • Brand-building – creating a brand for your facility and high-level marketing strategy.
  • Advice on raising company profile and routes to market.
  • Arranging exhibitions, conferences, event presentations.
  • Organising events and tours.
  • Industry Award submissions.
  • Website design and content.
  • Social media posts and LinkedIn (with thousands of relevant connections).
  • Press releases to obtain editorial coverage.
  • TV programme production.

TDCS Sales Generation

Our consultants have a significant, proven track record in sourcing enquiries and negotiating high-level contracts in the European, Scandinavian and North American markets in the following sectors:

  • Wholesale co-location via agents, end users and outsourcing companies.
  • Turnkey data centre design and build solutions.
  • Stand-by power solutions.

Global Voice/Citadel 100 Dublin sales of wholesale colocation

TDCS Tours/Receptions

From our database and connections, we select and invite groups on data centre tours.  These would include enterprise, press, specialist property agents and specialist consultants. Press coverage would follow on from the tours.

EcoDataCenter Tour October 2019 property
agents, journalists, consultants

LuxConnect July 2017 Property Agents, enterprise clients,
colocation operators, journalists

LuxConnect Tour May 2018 Property Agents,
enterprise clients, colocation operators

In order to raise the profile of Green Mountain, TDCS arranged tours for press/agents and end users. The press tour resulted in significant coverage with articles in a wide range of media.

Green Mountain UK/ French Press Tour 2014
with fjord trip on a sailing boat;

“It’s been a pleasure to work with one of industry’s true gentlemen, Jonathan Evans,  during his time at Green Mountain. Its success is due in no small amount to the great job he has done publicising the facility and keeping it in the public eye”. Schneider Electric

TDCS Marketing Events

LuxConnect Dinner and presentations to 60 guests from across the data centre sector by Luxembourg for Finance at historic Trinity House in London March 2018

“The presentations were informative, and I was interested to note that LuxConnect is now positioned as a wholesaler and that you in your role of Director Global Alliances have identified and engaged with 4 very good companies to handle the retail operations.

All-in-all it was an ideal location and your organisational skills created an excellent event, that was just reward for your efforts.”

Trinity House in London March 2018

Attended by the Luxembourg Ambassador, TDCS organised a reception at the Luxembourg Embassy to announce an alliance (negotiated by TDCS) with Volta Data Centres. Presentation by Ed Ansett.

Press coverage of partnership agreement and embassy reception arranged by TDCS:

LuxConnect Embassy reception, London

LuxConnect reception on River Thames

TDCS organised an event in 2015 with the Luxembourg Ambassador to raise the LuxConnect and Luxembourg profile amongst the specialist property agents in London. Chaired by Jonathan Evans, agents from every company in the sector attended including CBRE, DTZ, Cushmans, Colliers International and Frand Knight.

Luxembourg Ambassador to the UK
with CEO and CFO of LuxConnect

Luxembourg Ambassador to the UK
with CEO and CFO of LuxConnect

Green Mountain, London

TDCS has organised numerous events ranging from days out on the Solent and River Severn to more formal events in London. 

One of them, hosted by Andrew Neil, was attended by the Norwegian Ambassador and included presentations from BSkyB and Barclays.

Jonathan Evans speaking on power and connectivity in the Nordics at Data Center Forum Stockholm 2023

TDCS Press & TV coverage

Data Economy coverage of Luxembourg and LuxConnect published during DataCloud in Monaco. TDCS liaised with Luxembourg Government, LuxConnect and Data Economy to prepare the coverage. Photo of Xavier Bettel, Prime Minister of Luxembourg.

TDCS Client: LuxConnect

Press Coverage generated by TDCS to announce opening of new Tier lV data centre in specialist press: Data Center Dynamics and Data Center Knowledge

TDCS client: Green Mountain

Example of press releases written and distributed by TDCS on behalf of Green Mountain:

‘Technology: Limiting our Impact on the Environment’. Focuses on the latest green BBC technologies. As well as an interview with BBC’s Director of IT & Technology Delivery, it features advice from Jonathan Evans representing Green Mountain Data Centre.

LinkedIn post that attracted 9,000+ views

Social Media

TDCS has:

  • Has thousands of connections on LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Is very active on LinkedIn posting information, comments and articles.
  • Uses LinkedIn to research companies, message individuals and make connections.